Canaveral Cruises 1 – Scenic Cruises of the Space Coast

The Canaveral Cruises 1 is the perfect tour for locals and tourists alike who want to discover Floridian wildlife and take in the miraculous views that our state has. Located in the main cruise hub of Port Canaveral, Florida, we’re able to take off into the same waters as major cruise liners such as Disney, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean. Brevard County, the “Space Coast” of Florida, is home to a diverse range of species on and off of the land. Canaveral Cruises 1 aims to take its passengers through an aquatic area guaranteed to produce higher chances of wildlife sightings. These tours also provide views of the unique forms of plant life present in our state. If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to see what the Space Coast has to offer, give us a call or book a reservation today!

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The Canaveral Cruises 1 can seat 150 passengers while cruising along the beautiful waters of Port Canaveral. Hop on and experience the 2-Hour Wildlife Tour & Cruise Ship Departure Cruise or private event at 8-10 knots full speed. Chill out in our air-conditioned lounge and party rooms, or get outdoorsy on our fully-walkable outer decks in the beautiful Floridian weather.

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